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civil, traffic, structural engineering. residential , development of 211 apartment units. basement strengthening, soil stabilisation, design and build, site infrastructure, precast concrete



Kimpton Vale Ltd.

2HQ provided civil, traffic and structural engineering services in relation to this recently completed 211 residential apartment project, which consisted of 3 apartment blocks ranging between 6 & 9 storeys high in Porterstown, Dublin 15.

We were initially retained by the developer, Kimpton Vale Ltd and were novated to the design & build contractor, Elliott Group.

The primary project challenge, from a structural point, was the construction of a section of one of the apartment buildings over an existing basement. The existing basement was designed for a 4 storey building and had to be strengthened to be able to support the new 6 storey building over. The strengthening was achieved through a combination of new piled foundations, new RC columns and a new transfer structure. Stephen McQuade had been involved in the design of the existing structure back in 2004, which was beneficial when assessing how best to undertake the strengthening works.

The precast concrete framed apartment block structures (walls, floor slabs) supplied by Kilsaran Precast provided a high quality and fast means of construction on site and this is complemented by a variety of balcony types and external finishes.

The design of a section of the Royal Canal Greenway along the southern boundary was a unique requirement on this project and necessitated cooperation with the local authority and other relevant public bodies regarding same.

The works are due for completion in Q1 2023.

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