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Kildare Primary Care Centre continues to grow

Extension to Primary Care Centre, Kildare Town, Co. Kildare

12 October 2021

2HQ Consulting Engineers provided Civil, Structural and Traffic Engineering services for a Phase 2 extension at the Kildare Primary Care Centre. The engineers at 2HQ were previously involved in the initial development of the Primary Care Centre in 2014/2015 and are therefore very familiar with the site. The Phase 2 extension provides approximately 1,465m2 of additional accommodation for additional medical services and other ancillary accommodation. The site provided many challenges, mainly due to the extension being on steeply sloping ground and surrounded by a “live” healthcare environment. The works included diversion of existing services, construction of extended first floor over existing parking spaces, semi-basement to the rear and forming of new structural openings into the existing building. The construction took approximately 14 months, being completed in June 2021.



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